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  • Waxing | Brazilians, Lips, Brows, head to toe
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Lashes on the Run is now BeautiCall!  We are offering many new services and have partnered with several experts in the Central FL area to provide our clients the best of the best services. 

Minkys Eyelash extensions applied by BeautiCall
Waxing | Brazilians, Brows, Lips, Chins, Legs, Arms, Chests
Teeth whitening at affordable prices - only $85!

BeautiCall offers individual eyelash extensions by Minkys.  These are semi-permanent, faux-mink eylash extensions that mimic the natural human eyelash.   The extensions are bonded, one-by-one, to the natural lash using tweezers and water resistant surgical quality adhesive.  <More details

Benefit from the longest lasting temporary hair removal that will leave your skin silky smooth.  Waxing removes hair by the root and won't grow back in the waxed area for 3 – 8 weeks. BeautiCall will wax women from head to toe and all in between.  <More Details>

Research has shown that one of the first things people notice when they meet someone new is their smile.Teeth whitening has become an accessible and relatively easy way to instantly improve appearance, create a positive first impression and achieve a more youthful and radiant appearance.  <More Details>